Monday, 4 May 2015

Day 124: shopping and snapping

We always joke that when you sign up for a photography workshop or holiday you end up with a shopping list before it is over. I'd learnt about the infamous Plamp and furnished myself with one back in 2013 when I'd read an article about flower photography and how Heather considered it an essential tool, and others had spotted mine and purchased one too. The Heather Angel workshop at Kew came with a suggested reading list, and I did purchase a couple of the titles from Amazon. So my shopping started ahead of time.

On the first flick through one of the books, Digital Outdoor Photography 101 Top Tips by Heather Angel herself, tip 9 introduced me to the Scottevest. It did intrigue me as photography, even with a diddy camera like mine, seems to need kit. Polariser, close-up filters, filter adapter, Lee Big Stopper, ND filters, batteries, SD cards, reflectors, mini tripod plus quick release plate for full sized tripod, the ubiquitous Plamp naturally, my trusty iPad, SD to iPad adapter, lens cleaning cloth, silk gloves, groundsheet, small folding umbrella and I don't even need an extra lens or two. Then there's the other essentials, money, credit card, Oyster card, lipstick, iPhone or two, backup power, door keys, hairbrush, contact cards, tissues, wet wipes, Ibuprofen, hair tie, water bottle, sunglasses, and reading glasses.

Apparently these Scottevest coats, jackets and waistcoats would help me whisk some or maybe all of this lot away. Challenge accepted! I couldn't resist another purchase thinking ahead to my next foray to Kent and then the Lapland adventure and after that New York.

But for now I'm out getting up close and personal to flowers again. Fingers crossed the weather tomorrow is good, it's looking a little dodgy on the essential weather apps, eek!

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