Saturday, 16 May 2015

Day 136: alley diving

There is a little passageway that leads you to the side entrance of Waitrose. I have walked down there countless times and have found it to be a rich resource for flora and flower photography. One of the reasons for it being a top spot is the vibrant variety of blossom and flowers that hang conveniently in easy reach of a close-up filtered camera lens. Secondly the stone walls elevate lots of smaller flowers into a more optimum position without having to get down on the floor, which would undoubtedly be most annoying for others nipping down this small alley.

After replenishing the fridge and cupboards from Waitrose, I head down there to sate my photography appetite and also, to get a bus back home. Today the daisies surrounded by smaller purple flowers catch my close-up filtered eye. I am fond of daisies; they have a ubiquitous quality couple with an elegant purity.


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