Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Day 146: feeling blue!

I haven't heard back from Leica regarding my errant dust magnet of a D-Lux so I think I better gather some more evidence and reach out. I have a photo I took on the way to Bruton Place last time, showing the second set of dust blobs, plus the one I took the moment the camera returned from its sojourn from its extended stay at the Leica spa. I had been surprised and gutted to see a third set of four distinct new blurry blobs courtesy of the sensor. It's hard to fathom how it can go from being pristine to full of dust again whilst all wrapped up en route via courier from the workshop. The conclusion drawn by the engineer is that something internally was flaking off and causing these distracting blobs visible when usng smaller apertures.

I wanted to make sure there was no glass possibly adding its own dirty blobs to any images so I thought I'd grab some lunch on the fourteenth floor and nip out onto the balcony for a spot of photography. However all the doors leading to the balcony seem to be locked for some reason.

So I dash downstairs and out onto the plaza for my test images. I look straight up into the sky to capture both the Shard and our building looking very much like they'd fit together, should it be needed. The sun is really shining and it's tricky to see through the viewfinder. I can see the tiny aperture is causing the sun to burst from behind the Shard and curiously everything seems bluer. But it's not until l get back in the lift I realise the white balance is utterly off-whack and the kelvin setting is strangely high.

I decided that the increased blue cool temperature would add an appropriate hue to my sad dust-filled image, as the problem is causing me a degree of desolation. I have cloned out the blobs, hopefully for the very last time, and await Leica's final conclusion. Fingers crossed!

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