Thursday, 14 May 2015

Day 134: a reluctant iPhone photographer!

I've been suffering from separation anxiety. My little baby had a brief trip to the Leica spa as it seems to have some sort of predilection for attracting dust on the sensor, it was supposed to be only a few hours but a misunderstanding meant I was deprived for 2 1/2 long, loooong days. On returning, its magnetic attraction to fluff is sadly still evident, in fact worse, a rare feat for a camera with a non-interchangeable lens. Leica feel somewhat thwarted and have offered me a brand new, hopefully very dust-phobic, replacement. Fingers crossed that we can reach a resolution.

In the meantime, due to extreme deprivation, I did something I very rarely do, take a photo with an iPhone. I was crossing the road this morning and was struck by the dramatic shadows the early sunshine was casting and was obliged to turn around and try and capture it. Even though the entire world around me is using iPhones, Androidsand bizarrely iPads to record every waking moment, I feel uncomfortable doing it myself. I so prefer putting my camera to my eye and seeing clearly what’s happening at the edges and corners of my image. I guess it’s not so long ago that my Leica had no EVF and I had to purely rely on live view. I bought my first EVF in August 2011 en route to a crazy photography weekend in Cambridge. And as soon as I had one, I couldn’t fathom how I had managed without one up until then. This earlier model could very easily fly off so I fashioned some sort of Heath Robinson construction to tie the EVF on securely onto the camera and prevent accidents.

Earlier in April I had been on a photography holiday to Berlin and the sun was so strong I shot most of the photos without really seeing what was happening on the back of the camera at all. And curiously, I am very fond of some of these photographs, especially the harsh shadows in the poignant Jewish Memorial. I am well overdue a return visit to Berlin and it would be interesting to see what has happened to my photography in the interim. The second thing I love about my EVF (and even more so with the Typ 109 have a built in one) is being to review previous taken photographs, unhampered by bright sunlight and the failing eyesight I suffer from. I am not sure immediately what difference this photograph would have if I my trusty Leica by my side and I appreciate I am in the minority, but I just cannot get my head around camera phonography!


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