Sunday, 17 May 2015

Day 137: Christening spoon revisited

Eight and a half years ago I discovered a craftsman in a Cambridge market that uncovered vintage silverware and reimagined them. We worked on a design for a christening spoon for my fairy goddaughter, KK, born on my birthday in 2006. At my behest he cut a fairy godmother (naturally) surrounded by butterflies and stars, finished with a message and a heart. In honour of her first holy communion I asked my favourite jewellers in Richmond to restore the silver to its long forgotten former shiny glory. I'm delighted with the result, worrying unnecessary that the inscription would be erased and really hope that KK is too.

I have since discovered that the craftsman has gone upmarket somewhat, the Christening spoons he makes now are highly polished and laid in a bespoke box. And understandably his impressive prices now reflect that. How lucky I discovered him before his service became a bit too rich for my blood.



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