Thursday, 28 May 2015

Day 148: blingy ninja throwing star

When this little beauty popped up in one of my eBay searches, I was stopped in my tracks. Surely what was missing from my life is a Champagne diamond and black spinel ninja throwing star! I don't hand over any significant amount of money without doing some due solid and was initially a little concerned by the seller. I'd had dealings with them before, was very happy but mysteriously, they'd had received no feedback for several years. They explained that they has resurrected an old profile to sell in Europe and the one I'd seen before, for trade with the US market. Their explanation seemed plausible so I asked them to make me the pendant. I paid and placed my order on 8th May, they worked on the piece and it was shipped from India on Monday 26th. Because they used UPS I didn't have long to wait. After the first attempt at delivery I was able to pay the inevitable duty and got to have it in my hot little hand today. And I must admit, the pictures I'd seen didn't do it justice, it's more beautiful in the sparkly flesh, as it were.

For its close-up, I couldn't resist deploying my camera's inbuilt star filter to see if it captured some of the extreme blinginess, and it does. A few people have commented that they thought it'd be bigger after seeing my photograph, but really it's big enough and, extraordinarily sharp. So if it were super-sized, there is a very real possibility that a small mis-step could result in a punctured lung. Impaled by a rogue diamond pendant seems a dramatic but curiously fabulous way to go!


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