Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Day 132: more extreme close-up

I found a pair of Tiffen 43mm close-up filters but they didn’t arrive in time for the macro photography workshop at Kew. I have kept my stack of 39mm B+W close-up filters from my previous Leica but the need to step down really causes a vignetting problem sometimes. When I have time I will set up a tiny subject, a tripod and run a comparison test between the superior optics, smaller filters with the new larger (both in stature and close-up ratio) Tiffens. It will be interesting to see how marked the difference is.

I wanted to try them out on something small so this insect on a daisy seems as good as subject as any. With such magnification my thoughts turn to focus stacking that Heather taught us about last week. That means a foray onto the wen seeking reasonable focus rails to sit on top of your tripod and give you the precision for the focus slices.


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