Saturday, 30 November 2013

Day 334: burning, burning sky

I was heading into Richmond town centre but I glanced behind me and could see a burning sky of a sunset. At this time of year the sun doesn't set conveniently parallel to Richmond Bridge making the prefect backdrop to the boats, the swans, the evening strollers on the river path. It sets over there, tantalisingly behind various buildings, houses, obstructions. But I thought I'd see if I could find something before it disappeared for the day. I carried on walking down the road staying at the sky, looking for a vantage point without all the street furniture in the way. I walked past one bus-stop but still no decent angle, I carried on walking to the next bus-stop staring fixedly at the orangey-pink streaks in the sky willing them to linger longer. I figured if I stood on my tip-toes and craned to get a view over the rooftops I might be able to capture the vibrant sky. There's a perfectly placed large tree (oak I think) framing the picture and the silhouette of the chimneys and aerials against the fiery sky.


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