Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Day 330 : holiday and social

Tomorrow is the Frui Christmas party and we’ve been asked to submit our best shot from a Frui holiday and Frui Social to win the prize of having it printed A3 size. There's not much notice as were supposed to pick our shots by tonight. That's a little harsh for those who don't carry all their photos around on their iPad but I guess that means as I do, I have less competition! But what to choose as my two entries.

I figured, just in case I did actually win, I should pick two photographs I'd like to live with. I struggled with my holiday shots but figured I'd pick a typical landscape from the desert of Almería. The palette was very soft there, not the normal punchier colours I'm drawn to, just pastel paleness. The line of immature trees breaking up the miles of sun-bleached landscape made this photograph for me.

For the best Social photograph I wondered if I should pick the album cover that scored me a ten but if I did win I couldn't really imagine doing anything with it. However, the solo image I took that night when we had to shoot our sound and I choose to photograph an organic image of the Oxford Street lights that I entitled “cacophony”, was more me.

I'm not sure if anyone else managed to reach their computers containing their photographs in time for the submission deadline, I’ll guess we’ll see tomorrow.


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