Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Day 316 : meeting room with a view

I'm up on the 27th floor of one of my clients today in Canary Wharf and I'm utterly transfixed by the view. We’re in a conference room that has floor to ceiling picture windows looking out back towards the city. Below is a construction site with a red crane highlighted against the twinkling Thames and in the hazy distance the Shard, and other well-known city buildings are silhouetted against the wintry setting sun. The honey tones are being reflected in the shiny buildings and the whole scene is suffused with a golden glow. Once the meeting is over I have to immediately grab my camera as the sun is starting to disappear. It's not too easy to capture through the tinted and seriously in need of a clean windows but I have to try. Okay, I've tried, so back to work now!


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