Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Day 331 : a Frui festive cheer

The Frui Christmas party was tonight and the social challenge aspect is normally missing from the party nights. Though there was an unexpected challenge tonight, find the pub location of the party when the invite had the correct postcode but the wrong pub name. When you copy these two bits of information into Google maps, Google favours the pub name so if you blindly follow the directions you end up in a totally different pub, a very nice pub, but a pub where the Frui party is not happening! It took a while to establish where I should be for the party and schlepping across town twice to find it did not put me in the finest of moods. I should know better because Frui has form when it comes to ambiguous and confusing directions. I'm hoping that their new assistant will add the attention to detail that Frui sometimes lack.

When I arrived the obligatory quiz had started so it took some time for me to get into it. Towards the end we were told to grab our iPhones and photograph “festive spirit” from around us. I figured I could do better and grab my Leica and close-up filters and head towards the Christmas tree in the corner of the pub. Festive spirit for me is sparkly fairy lights, shiny baubles and glitter. Sticking my camera into the depths of the Christmas tree seemed to be a way to get the effect I wanted. And of course my camera has a built in star filter for that extra touch of pizzaz and bling.

AL and I had coincidentally both decked our fingernails in a festive manner so she suggested I'd see if I could combine one of my penguins and her sparkly nails. It was tricky to get it to balance on the shiny curved surface but we did and entered it for the festive photograph judging. The Christmas tree picture fared better though, with an eight out of ten.

Much to my shock my cacophony shot did win the social prize alongside the infamous semi-naked policeman and AL’s hand of God recreation. CM took the holiday prize for one of his Mexican photos. I was flattered to win but I suspect it could have been Hobson’s choice!


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