Saturday, 2 November 2013

Day 306 : a year of camera fireworks

So a year ago I'd managed to secure one of the very first Leica D-Lux 6s to arrive in the country. I’d headed over to Photokina in Cologne back in September, when they’d launched all the new models and it was love at first sight. I put my name down on the pre-order list at the Leica flagship store on my return, and eagerly ticked off the days until its arrival.

Though when the time came I had to do a bit of nifty contacting of various retailers because the first shipment to Leica Mayfair didn't contain the new EVFs, and I only really want to use Live-view in extreme circumstances. They didn’t seem to know when they could honour the complete orders and I had been particularly keen to lay my hands on the new camera in time for the firework display in Battersea Park in two days time so I contacted everyone I could think of and Robert White came good. My lovely new Leica plus vivid new EVF was couriered to me on the Saturday a few hours before mounting it on my tripod and pointing it skyward at the beautiful, vibrant explosions against the black sky.

As I suspected my new camera enjoyed the challenge and proved to be a fan of low light with it’s new fat aperture. We became firm friends and we’ve been making use of this handy prowess for the past year.

In wasn't able to attend any firework displays this year and merely watching from the window means I can't take photographs. But revisiting last year’s shots makes me determined to keep an eye out for future firework extravaganzas, and have my trusty one year old Leica ready!


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