Thursday, 21 November 2013

Day 325 : My Christmas will be light!

I'd been pondering a Christmas present to myself of the new iPad Air and then I got a monetary award and thought putting it towards a new iPad seemed a very fine idea. We had various machinations trying to figure out how to cash in the prepaid debit cards but we did and I'm proud possessor of a shiny new toy. Leaving walking on air with my new Air I caught sight of the Apple store’s window display was said iPad Air and the message “May all your Christmases be light!”.

Suitably inspired I turned my thoughts to other lights, the Christmas lights on Oxford Street and Regent Street. The Regent Street lights are a bit too product placement-y for my tastes though I rather like the frosty branches. So because of that I thought I'd concentrate on the giant sparkly snowballs on Oxford Street.

With a big aperture I was losing the sparkles on the balls so had to deploy my smallest aperture and hold the camera as steady as I could. I was concentrating so hard on capturing the shot I wanted holding my little Leica as so tightly and I didn't see the giant red double decker bus coming at me, luckily I held my nerve!

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