Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day 313 : a Cornish Gursky

The Frui weekly challenge is Andreas Gursky, he of the infamous photograph that sold for a very impressive $4.3m (which was then £2.7m) in November 2011 at a Christie's auction in New York. I am aware of Rhine II but I wasn't so familiar with his back catalogue. But when I did some research I realised I knew more of his body of work than I thought. The Chicago Board of Trade image from above I have admired before, hundreds of windows in an urban landscape and the roads through the sands in Bahrain, actually a lot more than I'd previously realised.

I was wondering if I should go for the general cacophony photograph using my image of my new bookcase filled to the brim with my colour-coded library, as that is definitely a theme of Gursky’s work.

But on consideration I decide to recreate my own Rhine II but with a different body of water. I want the horizontal lines, the slightly sludgy greeny grey palette. I look at my steely silver seascapes from the beach outside the Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall last Christmas and can see shades of Gursky. The lines are probably not defined enough and I'm confident it will never get the tiniest part of £2.7 million, but a very slight homage nonetheless.

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