Saturday, 23 November 2013

Day 327 : popping cherry

There's this cherry tree I pass most days a few paces from my front door that may be my favourite tree. I think it's cherry, though despite seeing copious amounts of blossom I've never seen a cherry. In the height of Spring the blossom forms a thick canopy that you have to duck under as you walk along the pavement. And when the blossom is raining down in a breeze you are very likely to be confettied. I've photographed it throughout the seasons but I'm missing a decent photograph of the tree heavy with snow, so I’ll add this to my wish list. I took a picture of some of the branches in the dark the other night on the way back from being out with the girls. This morning I spotted a lone branch partially clothed with vibrant cherry red leaves on the now nearly naked tree popping against the blue, blue sky.


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