Friday, 29 November 2013

Day 333 : the first robin

Last year I made a shopping list of festive images I was hoping to capture with my camera. Namely a snow dusted holly bush, icicles, a snowman, footprints in the deep snow, a robin, snowflakes, a Narnia style snowscape. I managed to tick a few off, I'm surrounded by holly bushes so all I had to was wait for the snow. The snowscape was the prefect snow-carpeted scene through my window, I half expected Narnia’s white witch to pull up in her sledge proffering fluffy rose-scented Turkish delight. One morning I spotted some fine icicles hanging from the railway bridge but a decent snowman shot totally alluded me. I only had a fleeting glance of a robin, so no chance there. But many months later I'm a little luckier.

A few doorsteps down from mine I spotted the elusive quarry perched tantalisingly on the metal swing gate. My first robin of the year. Curses, my camera’s in my bag and getting it out of the case is noisy (note to self, must find an alternative for the Velcro) Perhaps in this case it will be safer to use my iPhone 5S to try and be more discrete. Luckily I had good enough light to not really need the wider aperture but I still would have preferred to have the considerably greater control my Leica offers me. I'd love to compare them both side by side because I think this photograph is a little soft and would be intrigued to see exactly how it would be different.

Now I have managed to photograph my first robin, I'm ready to up the ante. A robin, some holly with vivid red berries and snow. Is that too much to ask? I guess now I've upgraded from stalking baby snails to sneaking up on robins. Now to find some silent Velcro.


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