Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Day 324 : berry sunset

I like these berries, they look spiky but they're not. They look pleasingly edible but I would never try without being sure. They're soft and juicy when they fall from the tree and plop onto the brick wall. I think they're called Arbutus or occasionally strawberry trees (which is looking good for their edibility). The immature berries are yellowy, gold, ochre and orange and then turn to this pleasing raspberry red, like a sunset in the berry world. The tree has been shedding a few berries this morning, they've splattered on the pavement but some have had their fall broken by the wall. I had to stand in my tip-toes to sneak up on these and take the picture as the wall is just that bit too high. Hmmm strawberry tree, that sounds tasty!


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