Sunday, 3 November 2013

Day 307 : a beautiful crisp day

I don't mind when it gets a little nippy because it’s a perfect excuse to break out some of my favourite snuggly hats and cosy wraps. And a blue sky with the wintry sun picking out the coppery and burnished tone of the leaves in the trees is a huge bonus. I like to photograph the after effects of a rainstorm but don't like to be caught in it, I don't make a very happy wet photographer!

Today was a perfect crisp day in Richmond, the cornucopia of Autumnal colours against the cornflower blue sky was a sight to behold. To get the right effect it was required to get down below the overhanging branches and shoot up to the sky and all without getting your knees wet in the piles of soggy (and slippery) fallen leaves everywhere. If I was prepared for an impromptu photoshoot I’d have bought something waterproof to lay on the ground to curtail the rising damp but rather than one sensible thing I have the shopping I picked up from the market, a photography book, some other random purchases and I'm juggling camera, filters, batteries and my handbag.

On Friday I have a day tramping around fungi-filled Kent woods, I will arm myself with sensible waterproofy things, a tripod, my new Plamp, proper leaf crunching hiking boots, fabulous new hat (it has sensible cashmere ear-toasting aspects too but is also gorgeous!) and a camera bag less delicate than my handbag. Would it be too much to ask for a blue sky or at least no rain...please, pretty please?


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