Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day 89 : the power station and the setting sun

I'm heading for the city. Not for once on the packed commuter train barely after sunrise, for the daily grind, but just before sunset to meet friends for great food and wicked cocktails. My camera is primed to try and get sone nice shots and a bonus would be to incorporate a fine sunset. Another beyond bland day sky-wise has slightly livened up a by the trickles of colour proclaiming what little we've seen of the sun packing up for the day.

I take a few pictures at the station, the yellow, ochres and oranges can just be seen behind the bares branches on the horizon from the very end of the platform, it's got some promise but it’s not really working.

From the fast train between the blocks of flats, the other building and the still undressed trees I see the sunbursts of golden tantalisingly out of reach. Composing a great photograph from a moving train through undoubtedly grubby windows is really a challenge. Battersea Power station comes into view, a building I've been dying to get my lens on. The ideal situation would be to have the iconic old building (yes it's the one from the Pink Floyd Animals album cover with the huge inflatable pig) silhouetted against the setting sun. It's an impossible task but as luck would have it as the train rumbles past, if I strain myself I can just get Battersea Power station, the cranes and the new building skeleton being worked on all in a fiery skyline. I'd prefer just the power station building by itself but I felt I was fortunate enough to get anything of use through a dirty moving train window. Next time I'll get the slow train that stops at Battersea Queenstown Road and go for the close-up.

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