Sunday, 24 March 2013

Day 83 : the pen is mightier than...

Like many I guess, I write with a pen so much less than I used to. Ever since I got my first Palm Pilot, then graduated to a BlackBerry, iPhone and then iPad, if I'm not slaving over a hot laptop I'm tapping furiously into one of those. I don't tend to pick up a paintbrush now either, occasionally I draw and “paint” on my iPad, or more likely resort to getting my artistic kicks via the Draw Something app.

I'm not entirely paperless, I still have a notebook at work that I laboriously list some of my todo items, various notes and reminders. And on the lengthier conference calls (dare I say if they veer towards a tad tedious) I produce complicated abstract scribbles in the margins. I don't like taking my notebook out of the office, my last one had over five years of musings in black and hot pink penmanship (very particular about the colours!) so I'd hate not to be able to lay my hands on it any time. To keep years worth of teeny, tiny writing and the odd curious doodle from being left at a customer or in a taxi generally when heading for client meetings I furnish myself with my “special grown-up” notebook and pen. Maybe I think it’ll add gravitas to my jottings!


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