Friday, 15 March 2013

Day 74 : art in progress

Today I managed to tag along with the Friday Burger Club for the first time. They had hired a car and planned to drive to a little street market near Old Street, avail themselves of fine burgers and then drive back to the office. It does seem wildly decadent, but it transpires hiring a ’Zip Car’ for an hour, is cheaper than hailing a black cab both ways. As we pull into the Red Market in Rivington Street I notice some intricate wall art, we had both preordered our burgers a secured a parking spot. The Friday Burger Club take burger purveying terribly seriously! It transpires we are a little early so the ’Bear’ fires up the grill and starts on our order.

We’re intrigued by a girl in a boiler suit and mask work a little on a huge mural stretching the length of the market, whilst her friend takes regular photographs as she ducks out of shot. It’s explained that we are watching the acclaimed “contemporary urban” artist Jo Peel work on her latest animation of one of her huge murals. We’re told that the story starts with pile of rubbish rolling out from the double decker bus Jo has already decorated. The paper ball scoots across the market and through some painted pipes at the right of the mural. This caused a chain reaction and activated the wrecking ball swinging back and forth smashing a building, releasing a flock of birds that have flown off the painting. Now the large crane is rising no doubt leaving a new building in its wake but exactly what, remains to be seen. Jo appears to be cowering whilst her friend is recording the changes to the painted height of the crane hook in a stop-motion style. It is painstaking stuff! I think I recall that the finished film is being projected on the opposite wall on May 5th.

Our Grizzly burgers are done to perfection, we chose Grizzly (bacon, cheese and bacon jam) over Greedy (double the size) or Angry (scary chilli flavours). The boys were still peckish however, and chased their burger with a fabulous looking Mark Hix Fish Dog. I tried some of Hix’s Dog Nuts (cinnamon churros with salted caramel sauce), sadly the van had been stocked up with curry sauce (urghh) rather than the caramel so we had them au natural. Still pretty amazing though!

Looking forward to seeing completed mural, I suspect it will be pretty sensational!

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