Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day 65 : arty steps

We’re dining tonight in a restaurant shared by Central St. Martin’s College of Art in an old brick granary near King's Cross. I've never been here before and immediately want to grab my camera when I see the vibrantly lit dancing fountains in front of us, but our dinner awaits so I’ll restrain myself for now and whip it out later. When I leave after our feasting, the fountains have been switched off but singing Pulp’s “Common people” under my breath (the line “she studied sculpture at St. Martin’s College” seemed so very apt) there's still plenty of inspiration to be had. The illuminated steps leading down to the murky black of the canal turns out to be my favourite shot of the night. I love the clean straight lines and the rain glistening off the steps which appear to lead to nowhere!

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