Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 63 : ochre-y orange sunrise...

The answer to the question... What colour is our reception? I don't think I've ever really considered it before, I pass through several times a day, generally cutting it fine for a meeting, a train, a deadline. So I've never really noticed the distinctive wall behind the reception desk. We've been in this building for nearly a year, we always knew we were going to move on, probably sooner than is actually happening, so it has always felt temporary.

I meant to ask around to see who could, without being stood there, recall the wall colour in reception. I suspect not many could, and probably including our receptionist, but then don't get me started on a list of things she doesn't know. Top of the list would be knowing what a friendly, welcoming demeanour is!

To brighten the mood in reception luckily we have flowers, and today we have orchids. And it turns out that the centre of the orchids exactly match the colour of the walls, which is how I registered the distinctive hue.

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