Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Day 78 : sparkly Hix fish

Tonight enjoyed a repeat visit to HIX in Soho with Moscow P., the restaurant boasts delicious, elegant modern British food plus plenty of striking modern British artwork. Several of the pieces are themed, for example pies and fish. Damien Hirst’s fish in Perspex boxes mobile above the bar is a fine example but my eye was very much drawn to Stephen Webster’s “Jaws” mobile. Which is a small shoal of black crystal encrusted fish swimming through the open jaws of a shark skeleton (maybe). I do like a sparkly thing!
They were rather a challenge to photograph but as we were nearly the last to leave the friendly staff kindly turned on the main lights to help me. I've only come across Stephen Webster’s fabulous spiky, edgy jewellery before as I have a little in my collection, so it was a lovely surprise to see more of his work on a much grander scale.

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