Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Day 79 : sub-culture

A friend checking out this blog for the first commented that it was very underground. “Subversive?” I asked, “that's curious feedback”. However he was referring to the amount of pictures that seem to feature the structure, the trains, the platforms, tunnels, steps and walls of the London Underground. I will concede it is true, it spend a disproportionate amount of time when I'm not sleeping or working, subterranean. And I've always been curiously fascinated by the history, the lore, the unique architecture and the design of all things underground. So it figures that considering my daily picture, if I wasn’t inspired earlier in the day I look at the material around me after dark.

Today it's London Bridge, not my usual journey, but it gave me the opportunity to be drawn to a particular tunnel as I head for the Jubilee line.


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