Monday, 11 March 2013

Day 70 : beyond cold

Today has certainly been petulant weather-wise. There have been angry flurries of horizontal snow one moment and then minutes later all gone. No trace of a sudden impetuous snow storm left on the pavements, not a single flake.

The schizophrenic weather has carried on throughout the day and now it’s cold. Too cold to snow! One of that well used statements, particularly about snow, that gets bandied around. Others being “the wrong sort of snow” and “it is, or is not, going to stick”. Somehow in the bitter wind I manage to prop my camera up and on the side wall, fortunately relatively far for a near plummet into the Thames, and shot a what may appear slightly drunken shot of a famous bridge I work near, for just a little while longer.

An hour plus later when I'm finally home, the snow is swirling around me as I get off the train, and somehow it has got much colder, teeth chatteringly, breath freezing, finger numbingly colder. Apparently it wasn't too cold to snow after all!


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