Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 84 : simply the Shard

I found out today that we should be upping sticks and relocating our office at the end of April, assuming the building work is on schedule (hmmm, that sounds like famous last words to me!) So galvanised into action on the way home from the office I thought I'd take another local picture postcard, as I know I’ll miss it when I'm no longer here. Not that I can’t return but isn’t it always true we don't always appreciate what’s on our doorstep.

Here is the Shard glowing from across the Thames on this clear and chilly night. It towers over everything, I haven't visited the dizzying heights yet, that's something else I should cross off the list.

It’s an unusual building, I had always envisaged it would be pointier when it was finished but instead the shard refers to the fact that it looks like it has been broken off at the top, almost looking like an accident waiting to happen. Having done untold damage to my toe with a much smaller shard recently, there is something about this building that make me think “jeopardy!”


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