Thursday, 21 March 2013

Day 80 : flower bank

As I arrived for my appointment I was taken by the beautiful bowls of striking deep pink flowers adorning reception. I’m not sure what the flowers are (maybe lilies because of the stamens or a very exotic tulip) but they’re in a large clear vase with red metal spirals Coiled artistically inside. My fingers were itching to reach for my camera but I figured I would wait until after my visit and capture them on the way out.

So after my appointment I dropped by bags in the now empty reception and reached for my camera. Suddenly I'm surrounded by security guards. It didn't occur to me to ask to take a photograph of the ’perty flowers’ but they seem to be most concerned I might use flash. I so rarely do I almost forget that I have a flash on my camera. Apparently their security systems don't like flashes! I manage to grab a quick shot and convince them I'm not planning a heist or something.

I thought they might be open to artistic endeavours as they're currently hosting a Roy Lichtenstein retrospective exhibition on the other side of their reception. I was amused that the first three pieces are of bulls, didn't think I'd see any more of those images at this bank, perhaps the curator worked here prior to 2008 when the bull got banished!


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