Thursday, 27 June 2013

Day 178 : shiny curves

There's a buzz at Canary Wharf outside the tube station they have parked a McLaren Formula 1 racing car and the iPhones are snapping away. I'm drawn to the gleaming silver and orange curves, the glinting metal of the wheels and the fat tires. Everybody else is either taking a picture of the entire car or the mysterious racing car driver all suited and helmeted up. I wonder if it’s Jenson Button. There's a huge picture of him behind the car but I can't find any identifying features on his suit to confirm that. The driver has Johnnie Walker across his helmet (though I suspect it’s promoting the scotch rather than his name). There’s a large McLaren Mercedes down one leg and BOSS and a Mercedes logo on one shoulder, SAP on his elbow and Vodafone...pretty much everywhere!

I could have checked with the other eager liggers but whether it’s Jenson, Top Gear’s Stig or someone posing as Jenson to add to the atmosphere, I'm more interested in small details of the car rather than the whole scene. I suspect it's not Jenson anyway as I would expect him to be without helmet and hence draw a bigger crowd, but people are queuing up for the official photographer to shoot them with whoever he is.

The photographer is intrigued by my camera and one of the hostesses points out that it’s a Leica. A Leica that likes shiny things!


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