Monday, 3 June 2013

Day 154 : ladybird, ladybird fly away home

We have a little oasis round the back of our new building. It has a few benches, a fountain and a curious telly-tubby mound in the middle of it. The hillock thing is very odd, it seems too sloping to sit on, perhaps you could shimmy up the steep sides and sit cross-legged on the top. Needless to say the brief time we've been here I haven't seen anyone find some use for it. We sit on the more traditional benches to eat our sandwiches and a ladybird is sat by us.

When I little, we believed that ladybirds with these markings were poisonous, that only the ones with three spots on each wing were safe to be around. Now I know that it’s just a different species. But I think I still prefer the ones with less spots though, just in case!


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