Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 153 : a Richmond decisive moment

I was eager to catch the Great Gatsby in 3D ensconced in one of the comfy chairs of what was formerly the Richmond Filmhouse (I know it's changed its name, but I prefer the previous one). I only had one opportunity for the 3D experience left so Sunday afternoon, this was my destination. Afterwards I decided to relive a little slice of Gallic life from last weekend and opted for a delicious bistro supper.

I wasn't sure if I would finish my lovely meal before the sunset but as I made my way to a Richmond Bridge, the light was just perfect. I live in such a beautiful place and am reminded again each time I take the time to enjoy it.

I was lining up the shot with some of the sleeping boats tethered to their posts down one side, the lights of the riverside buildings on the right and a lone duck in the distance. The colours of the setting sun are really beautiful in the sky and reflected on the gently rippling Thames. Just when I think I have a lovely shot two men and a boat speed into the middle of my scene churning up the tranquil water in their wake and carving the blue arc that makes the image.

One of those “decisive moments” or lucky accidents, if you will, but definitely a better shot than the one I originally intended.


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