Sunday, 16 June 2013

Day 167 : all that glitters...

I popped into the fabulous little Theo Fennell very fine jewellers in the Royal Exchange as I was on a mission. It was for a possible present for someone else, I wasn't intending on shopping for me, no absolutely, not at all. But.....when I arrived, K the lovely shop manager, pointed out a particular little shiny thing that I’d admired on a previous occasion was now 50% off. Hmmm, it’s very sparkly, there’s a skull, a perfect contrast of black and white, on a thick white gold disc, mmmmm how very tempting! It’s very unusual that the pavé setting has stones of multiple dimensions which they refer as a mosaic texture.

In its close up, it is reminiscent of one of those tests for colour blindness where you discern numbers in the various sized dots. Though I suspect if the dots are black and white it would be a poor test. I’ll just have to wear it around my neck instead then.


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