Monday, 17 June 2013

Day 168 : overflowing with colour

Last time I dined at Caravan at the Granary, the building also shared with St. Martin’s College, I had wanted to photograph the coloured fountains. There looked beautiful on my arrival but I was cutting it a little fine for our reservation so I deferred the photograph for later. But when I left the fountains had all been extinguished so I had to look for inspiration in the lights catching the railings at the end of the plaza instead.

On these repeat visit we arrived earlier but the fountains, though spouting in neat rows, were not remotely coloured as I recalled, maybe I had missed my chance. I tried a few shots of the silver stripe painted across the buildings facade blending intriguingly with the grey sky, but it wasn't really what I hoped for.

However the smokers, on returning from a crafty drag or two, tipped me off that I needed to go outside immediately. I removed the close-up filters attached to my camera, already slung around me in anticipation and dashed outside.

And it was worth the wait, the fountains spurts jets of water at various heights and every now and then each mini cascade is illuminated with a vibrant colour. And I can now see why they don't light it up until it’s dark, otherwise the effect would be wasted.


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