Monday, 24 June 2013

Day 175 : big moon, small moon

It's a huge, bright moon tonight, everything around me is dripping in its silvery light and I really want to photograph it. I want my images to be bathed in the ethereal glow that my eyes can see. But the effect I am getting from my view is just not being captured by my camera. The moon is somehow hugely diminished in my view finder and the resultant images just don't live up to expectations.

I like the highlights on the points of the black iron rails protecting a little private road close to where I live. Their street lights are more stylish than our regulation tungsten ones and emit more of a halo of light which adds to the scene.

Maybe I’ll try again on the next full moon and see if I can produce a more dramatic image, I rather like the idea of a vibrant cityscape with the "Cosmo's moon" hanging above.


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