Monday, 10 June 2013

Day 161 : late night marbles

The nice thing to do when the next bus stop is closed is to warn the passengers of this fact before or at the preceding stop. When it's getting close to 1.30am, there is not a single soul about, you could have done the above, maybe dropped the passenger just past the closed stop in the entirely empty road to save them the walk or sail past the closed bus stop and hurtle towards the next mumbling something incomprehensible about the stop closing yesterday (hmmm it wasn't closed when I used it this morning!) The only advantage to this unprecedented detour is that I'm stood on a piece of pavement I'm not sure I've ever stood on before and hence have a new view. I know Marble Hill House very well, I’ve picnicked and watched elaborate firework displays in the grounds, visited the elegantly restored rooms within the Palladium villa, wandered along the meandering paths and been intrigued by the found grotto plus the grotto that apparently exists underground undiscovered somewhere. Marble Hill House was built back in 1724-1729 for Henrietta Howard, the mistress of King George II when he was the Prince of Wales. It certainly paid to be the mistress of royalty back then!

I've never stood this end of the park looking at the house from this angle but here I am, in the darkness and stillness of the wee small hours so I thought I'd try and encapsulate that. Luckily the house is illuminated at night, the lights are in the bushes casting a greenish glow on the house and the street lights are throwing their tungsten orange over the nearby trees. I can't get any closer, the park is locked at night but I figure if I go into manual mode I might be able to capture the mood. I changed the final image into black and white as the orangey hue wasn't doing it any favours.


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