Friday, 21 June 2013

Day 172 : crossing over

I'm back in Canary Wharf and whilst I'm waiting for the people I've come to see I check out their artwork. They have some B&W images of both the inside of their building and the environs. I'm rather taken with one which show the X’s of the structure with the walkways intersecting the crossbars.

When my appointment was over I decided to stand on one of the walkways and capture an image of my own. Now how I thought that I could take a photograph of the inside of a large global bank (with a history of paranoia) without provoking anyone was curiously misplaced innocence. The person who came over to ask “are you okay?”, which was clearly a euphemism for “what on earth are you doing and can you immediately leave?”, actually is familiar with me enough to know I was really supposed to there (at least in the building, maybe not on the walkway), I'm very unlikely to be a terrorist (as I've visited this building on countless occasions and never once attempted to blow it up) and when I alluded to the artwork that had inspired my behaviour clearly had not ever checked it out and had never heard that as reason for anyone doing anything.

I got my picture, totally different from the original, however. I had been waiting for the lunchtime traffic to populate the walkways somewhat and try and get a couple in full stride. I'm sure Henri Cartier-Bresson didn't have so many security guards to contend with!


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