Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day 171 : arty Richmond

On Sunday I popped into Gallery One and was very taken by the work of Tom Butler, not only does he mix paint with scraps of paper and newsprint but many of the fabulous pictures depict my beloved Richmond. I learnt there was a little soirée promoting his work tonight and scored an invite, depending of course if I can tear myself away from work on time.

And I'm later than I intended, by nearly an hour, but I made it and AL and I drool over some inspirational and beautiful paintings. I even see a painting of a lovely little café I know in Paris and have photographed myself (in B&W naturally). Some of Tom’s new original works has particularly entranced us, I hope wen see some prints.

AL is buzzing with her good news so after our creative interlude we walk down to the river to get a celebratory drink.

The sun is departing for the day and casting a golden glow on the cobbles alongside the Thames silhouetting other early evening riverside revellers. Yet again I'm reminded I live in a beautiful place.


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