Thursday, 30 July 2015

Day 211: getting busy amongst the bees

Another fantastic Robert Canis workshop but this time instead of me having to transport myself to deepest Kent, he was in my 'hood, Kew Gardens. Normally I pore over train timetables, maps and dig out local taxi cab numbers, whereas for this workshop I can merely catch a bus or two.

I was convinced we would be dogged by bad weather, the various weather apps I'd consulted assured me that would be the case. But, the weather gurus were wrong and we were treated to a fine, summery day.

We mustered outside the infamous palm house and headed inside. Kew Gardens are having a whole exhibition about spice at the moment and amongst the ginger and peppercorns there are some hibiscus type flowers that catch my eye.

Now we have our eye in, we work outside capturing a few context shots with the palm house and museum in the background and flowers in the foreground.


Then we troop over towards the rockeries. Almost immediately I figure might be able to add some new entries to my bee portfolio. Very quickly I rack up a few hundred photos that feature bees, bits of bees, or busy bees' bottoms buzzing off to the next flower. For the final location we head towards the walled gardens where of course, I stumble across more bees plus some stunning vibrant beds of flower.


And now I must sign up for the Kew Autumn Photography Walk too.

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