Friday, 10 July 2015

Day 191: shot from the hip ice cream

MZ has has let us in on a great secret, a fabulous Italian ice cream parlour tucked away in one of the streets off Borough Market. It seems to be a well known secret, and the queue of those eagerly awaiting their delicious ice cream is snaking out across the road. We know it's worth the wait, so we join the queue, watch those already furnished with their ice creams eagerly lapping them up and wait. I have my camera customarily slung round my shoulder and wonder if I can evoke some of that French market magic and shoot from the hip. I have found it not so successful in London markets or even anywhere on the streets of London. But I have to stand pretty still for a while so it's worth a try.

I do wonder if it seems a little dodgy, in France I caught many children in my low slung lens (which many might disapprove of) but here I am more in danger of an accidental up-skirt shot. I seem to think that these shot-from-the-hip shots should be converted to black and white, but as one of my subjects was obscuring her face with her recently acquired ice cream, I used a little selective colour. Forgive such a travesty!

But whatever, it was damn fine ice cream!

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