Sunday, 19 July 2015

Day 200: a Sunday sunset

I was supposed to be heading to HM and L’s place in Chiswick to celebrating L moving in, but I had to admit yesterday was a fun but utterly exhausting day. Couple with, as usual; I had a very late Friday night (aka early Saturday morning) in the office. So I had enforced laziness for most of today, and then I just could tell the sunset was going to be something worth checking out. I could see the pink tendrils all around the sky as I walked onto Richmond Bridge and found a good spot to shoot. I was not the only one determined to get a decent Richmond sunset, there were a dozen snapping with smartphones (a few selfies), two with the full tripod action and one brandishing his Lee ND graduated filters. I had to go a little more freeform and handheld but still wanted to wait for a bit of extra action to complete my shot. Luckily there was one man using a motor boat to relocate some rowing boats and a final rowing straggler conveniently heading towards the sunset. Score!

As I left, ringing for an Uber cab, I could see more beautiful scenes playing out in the sky, but it was already embarrassingly late to go to a house party on a school night…so camera dutifully shackled!


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