Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Day 189: Bleeding London meets a leopard

The culmination of all the efforts of the Bleeding Londoners is being celebrated tonight. JT has been tirelessly curating the submissions to the Bleeding London photography project which is a photographic record of every on of the 73,000 streets of the London A-Z. I submitted some of my minifig pictures to the project. It transpires I didn't post all those I thought I did, but apparently my gnome for fishing in a drain got chosen to represent.

It's not here with the selected highlights in Brigade restaurant tonight, but I just need to visit City Hall to see my photograph and the very many others. Must find a time to do that.

The woman of the hour, who dreamt up this project, DA, arrives with the Bleeding London author, GN after their plaudits from the press. DA has changed out of her fabulous Louboutins to, as understandably, they are purely indoor shoes. We persuade her to don them again and I can't resist recording them in all their leopard-print, red-soled loveliness! Well it would be rude not to!

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