Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Day 196: flowery RAZ

For my third Random Act of Zentangle, I decided to break out the most flowery tangles I know. Pozer and Well have very obvious flowers. Vitruvious is a more stylised rose, always slightly reminiscent of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Both Crescent Moon and Diva Dance lend themselves to a floral bent. And Flux arranged in a circle also fitted well into the theme. The rest of the space was scattered with tiny flowers and the inevitable Bijou snail, then my third RAZ was complete. Now where to leave it?

I wondered around with for a couple of days hoping for inspirationm and eventually opted to place it carefully in our buildings' pop-up bar.

Initially I propped it up against some beer bottles (not mine, still can't get my head around beer!). But then wondered if it looked too like a beer mat and would just be bussed with the empties. So finally left it on top of another clean table, hope someone found it before it was thrown away. I was feeling very summery creating this one, hopefully the weather will mirror that!

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