Saturday, 25 July 2015

Day 206: I saw a mouse...

If I'm catching one of the last tubes on the Westbound Jubilee line you can often spot dark mice scurrying across the platform. But only if there's not too many people wandering about. Despite the mice being super speedy they don't like to be out if the passengers are standing around or a tube is approaching. I'm always trying to get a photo, but they are wily and normally the moment you might just have been able to sneak up on one, some heavy footed passenger stomps up behind you and the rodent scarpers. But it's past midnight and I'm sat on a bench clutching my camera hoping one might emerge if I stay still. I can see a tail twitching enticingly from beneath the Jubilee line barrier and wait. It's lurking too close to the the shadows for a decent photo and then suddenly it makes a run for it and a fire off a quick shot. It's not the perfect London tube mouse picture, but it'll suffice until I can get a better one. And knowing my predilection for late night tubes, I'll have other opportunities.

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