Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Day 7: Too early for crows!

Wednesday morning means an early start because of an early sales meeting on the 17th floor of our building. These used to be on Monday, which could often fall foul of the dreaded "overrunning engineering works". Now they are Wednesday, which is a pain for me as this is recycling day and getting me up, ready and out at this hideously early hour is hard enough for such a night owl, but adding organising the weekly recycling collection is just one step too far generally. To paraphrase the Glaswegian band The Supernaturals 1998 hit "I wasn't built to get up at this time", I'm not the sort of girl to rise and shine. I blame being born at 3.45am, and of parents who also weren't great early to bed, early to bed types. And I continued in their vein. I'm am, and suspect always will be, a creature of the night and those early birds catching their worms will never really understand us but then I've never been too fussed about worms either!

Dragging myself in, at what I consider to be an unholy hour, does have the teeny, tiny advantage of catching the sun rising from behind the Shard. Me being in the office before the sun rises, really hell may well freeze over!



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