Thursday, 29 January 2015

Day 29: Brunch with a view

This morning I caught up with an old friend I haven't seen for five/six years and it seemed appropriate we met for brunch in the tall, pointy building close to London Bridge Station which is perfect for Em zooming back to collect her adorable son from school, and me to get back to some pressing spreadsheets. I haven't indulged in breakfast or brunch in Aqua Shard, but one glance at the menu online and spotting the two words Lobster Benedict, and I was smitten.

The sky was sunny and blue on arrival but I had the same problem as when taking photos through the glass windows in our building next door. There is double glazing but with a large gap between the two panes. This means that your camera really wants to focus on the glass, if you let it, so the view behind is all fuzzy. It's easier when the sun isn't hitting the glass, the clouds help clear the scene, bizarrely. Here I was waiting for a break in the clouds to allow St. Paul's to be bathed in a shaft of light.

One of the extremely handy things about being neighbours of the Shard is that we can get a reservation, and a good table at that, with little notice. I suspect getting a table for breakfast isn't as tricky as dinner, which I can vouch is difficult, but who would argue that a window table isn't extremely desirable.

From my seat I can see our roof carpeted in the solar panels that makes us a bit greener, and the window cleaners in their precarious cradle ready to swing into action. They are hovering over the balcony on the fourteenth floor, where I go to chase the cobwebs away or take photographs of the night skyline.

Behind our building is Southwark Cathedral, then the roof garden on top of Cannon Street Station, the almost glowing St. Paul's and the River Thames snaking off into the distance.

And I have to admit, the Lobster Benedict was awesome, an Egg Benedict turned up to eleven!

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