Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Day 13: Blingier bling!

Beneath our building will eventually be a "vibrant retail experience", well according to the posters. As an interim they've placed floor length panels to entice would-be shoppers throughout the Shard Arcade. The other J had told me I should check this out and now I come in via the Jubilee line, I get to walk past it every day whilst hurrying to the office. For some reason, this is my favourite image and was determined to return at lunchtime, when I could compose the shot more carefully, without having to dodge speeding commuters or hearing the inevitable tick tock tick tock of it getting dangerously close to when I should be at my desk. The model's caviar adorned nails rather thrash mine but I may have outblinged her in the ring department! To be fair I did supplement the rings from my right hand to my left for the photograph, it certainly gave the passengers hither and thither something to be perplexed about. But one guy did stop and say he really got what I was trying to do with my curious machinations. I wonder what he'd think of the final image.


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