Saturday, 3 January 2015

Day 3: So sparkly!

I wanted to check if my lovely new Leica could summon up a spot of bokeh when I wanted. I hadn't bothered replacing my 39mm close-up filters with 43mm ones with the arrival of my new baby (Leica) and instead bought a step-up ring to mount them on. I seem to have a terrible habit of shedding close-up filters on my occasional photographic forays to Kent or otherwise I drop them whilst I making a quick change photographing some tiny thing. I suspect the dings they get when I drop them cause them to be more easily lost as they don't screw on to my lens as well as before.

This beautiful black diamond phi symbol was a bespoke piece made for me by Theo Fennell and I thought it would make an jnteresting subject against the black velvety arm of my sofa. And yes, beaucoup de bokeh!



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