Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 10: Dream house?

I used to work in the building next door when it was called Poppy Advertising, and the name isn't the only reason I was drawn to the building. Ours was brown, brick and very boring. This one has a classical appearance, an golden eagle over the door and I used to have fantasies about living there. Having all that space and those black spiky railings that always summed up a great house in London, it was a great dream. Now I see it when I'm stood at the bus stop waiting to travel over the bridge and beyond. It made me ponder, we often fall for houses that we drive past, walk past or generally see on a regular route. Unless we're prone to wandering off the beaten path, those places we fall for are probably way too accessible to be the perfect home. Who wants a beautiful house that is next to a well frequented bus stop or situated on a major thoroughfare? We want our dream house just tucked away a little so everyone else isn't standing at your front door every morning, waiting for the big red saviour and adding your home to their wish list. So ironically your dream house is the one you never get your see.


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