Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Day 27: Those fine eyes!

I was lucky to be able to spend time with the fabulous MZ and her gorgeous Miss B a couple of days after her christening. Sadly Miss B. wasn't at her best with an eye infection and a bit of a fever but she was still well enough to fling the odd wooden toy around. I was determined to get some new photos but the light in the elegant white living room was subdued and didn't capture those stunning eyes as much as I wanted. Later we were tucking into some of Whole Food's finest cheeses in the kitchen, like a good little Italian girl she was keen to get her hands on a little morsel of bread too! I was transfixed by the wintry light pouring through the kitchen window and illuminating those fine eyes (a little Jane Austen reference there!) I fired off a few more shots whilst I could grab her attention. Despite her less than perfect health she had such a sweet look.

I had a modicum of post-processing to undertake to complete my grabbed portrait, I didn't think the eye infection needed immortalising, and her colour was a tad high causing a flush around her cute little jaw. The monochrome could deal with the too rosy a colour and some delicate spot healing could eradicate the temporary imperfections from around her perfect eyes and the delicate rosebud mouth.

I take few photographs of people, especially intimate portraits but with such a stunning subject, I could be persuaded to take more I guess.

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