Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 21: It's a new dawn, it's a new day...

...And I'm feeling good.

The first sunrise of the year through my living room window. Another one for the collection! A photographer friend recently said that it's a bonus if you can get your picture without having to put shoes on. And I went one further, the beauty of these shots through my flung open bay window, is that I really only have to dress the top half of me. The rest, is up to my discretion!

This picture is rather apt, today is the first anniversary of the end of the "purple reign". We had some very challenging senior management at work' and the chief instigator of all that was arrogant, egocentric and purple, some say a functioning psychopath, was encouraged to leave a year ago today. Sadly his legacy hasn't been entirely erased but with each new day, he, and all he represented, are a little further in history. Long may he stay away!

The announcement of his departure was announced at the end of the day in New York but I didn't see the email until the early hours. Realising the momentous news I couldn't immediately return to sleep, so I switched the radio on. To my delight, the song that filled the darkened room was Pharrell Williams' "Happy". And I was! Perhaps if Nina Simone doesn't mind, the first line of this post should have been...and I'm feeling happy.

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